Operator manual


Thank you for choosing Beckon!

Your Beckon was already pre-configured prior to delivery and you received your account credentials for the Beckon Management Portal. As soon as your Beckon has been set up, you will see it being online in the portal.

Beckons usually come with a dedicated internet connection, so that they are completely independent of your local network- and internet infrastructure. In bigger installations a WIFI beckon can be used.

Beckons are powered by a 110V direct connection. Beckons have two relays and can be configured to switch either potential-free an existing circuit or to deliver power to a door lock (DC 12V/2A). Former is used for example in conjunction with automated gates, where only a signal is given to the gate driver. Later is ususally used for all kinds of locks in conjuction with doors.


Mounting location of the Beckon is a design element of the solution. It is important, that the Beckon is mounted in a radius of about 5m of the controlled door. Nearby users will be detected by BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). If the situation does not allow or if required due to EM shielding, the signal strength can be increased, so that a radius of 15m can be used.

It is important, that an electrician performs the installation. The device uses high voltage, which is dangerous!

Beckons use a double-stabilized power supply in order to be immune to power fluctuations. Additionally they incorporate a "heartbeat monitor", which can restart the device in case of an internal crash. Beckons are cloud-active devices and are monitored permanently. In the event, that an instability is detected, you will be automatically notified. We will also investigate the issue.

In case of a hardware failure a pre-configured replacement device will be sent the next business day.


The Beckon has the following connections:

  • Power supply (110V)
  • Relay connector A
  • Relay connector B
  • Door sensor (Magnet switch)
Power supply

Connect either 110V main power phase or alternatively use the optionally included main power plug. The installation has to performed by an electrician!

Relay connection

There are two relay connectors. Both can be configured into the mode "potential free" or into the mode "power supply". If the Beckon is supposed to switch an existing circuit - in case, that the external lock has it's own power supply - then switch the operation mode of the appropriate relay connector to "potential free". Alternatively Beckon can supply the external lock with power (DC 12/2A) - Set the operation mode for the appropriate relay connector to "power supply".

Depending on the required logic you can switch the appropriate relay connector between the following logic modes: Normally-Connected (NC), Normally-Open (NO)

If you use a door opener, then you only need "relay connector A". This relay will be switched for a specific duration, which can be configured in the Beckon Management Portal.

If you use a door lock, then please use the "Relay connector A" for unlocking and the "Relay connector B" for locking. The waiting time can be configured in the Beckon Management Portal. Additionally, you can also connect the door sensor (magnet switch).

Magnet lock

Magnet locks usually hold the door closed while being powered. Please select the "Normally-Connected (NC)" logic mode and wire the negative connection directly from the dedicated power supply to the magnet lock and wire the positive connection through the Relay A on the Beckon. Use the A1 and A2 terminals, since they are potential-free. Beckon will cut the power when the door is supposed to be unlocked.

Door sensor

If you use a door lock, then the door cannot be locked before it was closed. We utilize the door sensor to detect the door closure.

This mode has to be enabled in the Beckon Management Portal. The door sensor can also be used to detect following scenarios:

  • Door was unlocked, but not opened
  • Door was opened, but not closed.


Beckon was designed to be mounted indoors. The security concept of the solution mandates, that no mechanical access is possible. Please mount the Beckon on the inner side of the room.

Please do not mount the Beckon in the immanent vicinity of a WIFI access point - especially not, if it transmitts with maximal signal strength. This could damage the WIFI/BLE module of the Beckon permanently.

Please do not start the Beckon without attaching the antenna. This could damage the Internet module of the Beckon permanently. The WIFI variant does not have an external antenna.


On the backside of the Beckon enclosure a 0,5 inch hole is provided for cabling. For ideal aesthetics your cables (power and lock) may come out at a central point in the wall, so that you can place the Beckon directly above.


The package includes four screws to mount the front panel of the enclosure. If you have an individual design variant of the front panel, then appropriate screws are also provided.

Stand mount

The package includes four silicon feet. Please put them into the markings on the back side of the enclosure. Please turn the antenna so that it points upwards, so that a uniform angle of radion is given.

Wall mount

The package includes four adapters for wall mounting.

You can use them as latches to mount the enclosure on four points onto the wall. The screws to mount the latches are also included in the package.

Alternatively you can mount two of these latches as adapters in the back side of the enclosure. Then you can hang the Beckon like a picture onto the wall.


When the Beckon is mounted correctly and supplied with power, then it starts automatically. You can see in the Beckon Management Portal, that your device is online. Alternatively you will receive a de-escalation notification by SMS, if the device was offline before.

For further usage instructions please refer to the help page in the Beckon Management Portal. You can find the help page in the drop-down-menu in right opper corner.


The Beckon is shipped pre-configured and pre-activated.

If you have reset the Beckon, then the Beckon will switch 2x for 1 second both relay connectors. You should hear multiple "clicks" every time, when a factory reset Beckon starts. This can be used to determine, whether the relays are working correctly.

Before you can perform the activation, you have to enable the switch "allow initial setup" in the Beckon Management Portal for the device. When a device is activated, this switch is automatically turned off for security reasons.

Install the app "Beckon Manager" on your smartphone. After the start the app automatically searches for Beckons, which are in factory mode (not configured).

When a device has been found, a form opens. Please enter the device activation key from the Beckon Management Portal. This activation code is also printed on the back side of the device.

If you have a WIFI variant of the Beckon, then please enter the WIFI credentials in the Beckon Management Portal before activation.


If your Beckon is in normal operation mode then press and hold the RESET-button for 10 seconds. The device will automatically perform a factory reset and reboot in factory mode (not configured). See "activation" for further instructions...

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